Saturday, September 12, 2009

Prayer for Firefighters and Rescue Workers

Prayer for Firefighters and Rescue Workers at Community 9/11 Memorial Service
Rev Joe Hinds (Faith And Life From The Heartland)

Almighty God, we look to you – Creator of the universe for comfort. Even after eight years our hearts are heavy as remember Firefighters and Rescue Workers who lost their lives too soon as they died tragically and heroically on September 11, 2001. Even though our hearts were pierced on what was a dark day of our soul, help us remember that violence, destruction, and death are not the last words.

And when we risk falling into the dark grip of revenge and anger, remind us of the powerful witness of compassion, mercy, and grace; and how these can serve as a proper remembrance of the ones who died on September 11. As one of your great pastors prayed in years past, let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.

God of love, may your spirit of grace rest gently on the families and friends of those who died tragically and heroically on September 11, 2001. Let your loving presence be known for them in every moment in their grief and loss.

Lord God, as we remember Firefighters and Rescue Workers who were killed on September 11; we also stop to thank you for the ones who are still called to protect the lives and property of their community and fellow human beings. And now we are praying for firefighters and rescue workers in our very community. The ones who completely give themselves when the alarm sounds, the bell rings, the pager or phone goes off.

We offer prayers of thanksgiving to you, O God, for the Firefighters who risk their own lives when they rush in to deadly fires, explosions and other disasters so they may save the lives and property of others. These brave men and women rush in so others may retreat in safety.

We are grateful, dear Lord, for your spirit of mercy and compassion that fills Rescue Workers who hurry to the scene of emergencies to offer aid and comfort, doing all they can to preserve and save the lives of other people. These women and men arrive on the scene, ready to offer everything they have to save and preserve precious human life.

God of power, whenever a fire truck, ambulance … any fire and rescue vehicle or craft … Lord, every time one of these vehicles leaves the station, ride with them. Give these women and men the skills, wisdom, and care they need to carry out their selfless missions of mercy and compassion. Lord, give them strength, and sustain them as they continue their heroic work that provides us with security and serves as a worthy tribute to their fallen brothers and sisters.

We pray that our memorial today is a proper reminder of the gifts of their lives, and a witness to the hope in the new life you offer in the spirit of mercy, compassion, and peace. Amen

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